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Study Skills

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try or how much time you put into your studies, you just don't get it? You can change this! Just print out the articles and templates below and use them on your own or with your parent's help. These resources will help you develop the study skills you need to become an A+ student!

Reading and Listening for Main Ideas

Learn how to recognize and put main ideas into your own words.



Main Ideas in Paragraphs: The Topic Sentence

Main Ideas in Multi-Paragraph Material: A Hierarchy


Helpful Hints for Locating Main Ideas


Note Taking Skills

Learn how to efficiently record information.


Two-Column Notes​

Hints for Effective Note Taking

Taking Notes from Lectures

Note Taking vs. Note Making

Student How To's

How to Write a Summary​

How to Answer an Essay Question

How to Listen and Take Notes from a Lecture

Homework Helpers

Common Transition Words

Prefix/Suffix Charts


Common Greek and Latin Roots


Book Report Template



Parent Helpers

Helping Your Child with Organization and Study Skills


Communicating with Teachers

More on Study Skills


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Study Skills is part of Learning Disabilities Worldwide's Web-Based Educational Resources for Children and Teens with Learning Disabilities Project, which is funded through the generosity of Sovereign Bank. The educational resources are provided by Sedita Learning Strategies.

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