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Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc.(LDW®) 

established in 1965, is the premier international professional organization dedicated to improving the educational, professional, and personal outcomes for individuals with learning disabilities (LD) and other related disorders. LDW® members include world-renowned experts and scholars, preservice teachers, general education teachers, special education teachers, paraprofessionals, team coaches, clinicians, consultants, administrators, medical and mental health professionals, individuals with learning disabilities, and their parents and families. 

LDW® publishes two peer-reviewed, scientifically-based journals that are multidisciplinary in nature focusing on empirical studies, reviews of the literature, policy issues, and advocacy relevant to the field of learning disabilities. Our premier scientific journal, Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal has an acceptance rate of approximately 6-10 percent* and is sent to over 24,000 subscribers around the world. Its sister journal, Insights on Learning Disabilities: From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices has an acceptance rate of 30 percent* and reaches over 4,000 subscribers.

LDW® continues to engage in the professional development and dissemination of scholarly works and evidence-based practices to promote and enhance the success of ALL individuals with learning disabilities. We provide a unique opportunity for academic scholars, both in the United States and abroad, to exchange ideas and research opportunities to better the quality of life for individuals with learning disabilities around the world.

LDW® also works to enhance the lives of individuals with learning disabilities and their families through its publications, website, and conferences.

* Cabell Publishing, Inc., 2010

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