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what we do

Through its many programs, LDW® works to enhance the academic, professional, and personal lives of individuals with learning disabilities. 

LDW® promotes and distributes research.

  • Publishes  المجلة العربية في صعوبات التعلم , a peer-reviewed online journal in Arabic. 

  • Publishes the peer-reviewed member journal Insights on Learning Disabilities: From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices (ILD)

  • Publishes Strategies for Successful Learning, an online magazine for general and special education teachers

  • Publishes Revista Electrónica de Dificultades de Aprendizaje (REDA e-magazine), a peer-reviewed on-line journal in Spanish

  • Publishes Revista Portuguesa de Dificuldades de Aprendizagem, a peer-reviewed online journal in Portuguese

  • Offers professors and their students accessibility to University Access, an online portal to current research and best practices

  • Sponsors International Research Symposium

LDW® promotes prevention, early identification, early intervention, and advocacy for civil rights of individuals with LD.
  • Disseminates information through its website (, publications, CDs, and DVDs for parents, professionals, and health care providers

  • Publishes online LD Yellow Pages, a directory of resources and services

LDW® promotes awareness of environmental issues that impact childhood development.

  • Publishes and distributes articles on how environmental issues impact children to thousands of pediatricians

  • Publishes and distributes a CD on environmental hazards and learning disabilities for healthcare professionals

  • Partners with the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow and Clean Water Action in lobbying Congress

LDW® sponsors conferences, professional trainings and other events around the world.
  • Annual World Congress on Learning Disabilities

  • Conferences and Events

  • International Research Symposium

  • Professional Trainings

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