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How to Choose a Summer Camp

Why NOT Be a "Helicopter" Parent

Parent Tip

Encourage your child to get involved in activities that do not accentuate the disability (horseback riding, swimming, collections, etc.). Make sure that your child has many opportunities to do certain things well and in front of different audiences (other kids, grandparents, teachers, etc.). The chance to get positive feedback helps to balance some of the frustration your child may feel in school.


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Social Skills Tip

Teach delayed gratification. Children with learning disorders often are impulsive and often feel that they need immediate gratification of their needs. Teach the child that they must learn to wait for gratification at times. Do not encourage this tendency of immediate gratification by consistently responding without delay to the child's needs or requests.

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Advocacy Tip

A full and comprehensive evaluation is the cornerstone of insuring that your child's needs are met by your local school district. Unfortunately, this is far too often taken for granted. It stands to reason that you can only advocate for the needs of your child if those needs are properly identified and articulated.

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The World of Writing

Video - Behavior Management Techniques for Teachers

Video - Anxiety in Children

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