Strategies for Successful Learning 6(1)

Lois R. Favre, Ed.D., Micheline Malow, Ph.D., and Karen Russo, Ed.D., Editors

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Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Strategies for Successful Learning! We hope that these articles will provide you the tools to help you finish a successful school year. As always, please feel free to share these columns with teachers, parents, and other interested parties.

Lois R. Favre, Ed.D.
Micheline Malow, Ph.D.
Karen Russo, Ed.D.

Table of Contents

Toward a Deeper Understanding: Strategies to Foster Multiple Meanings of Fractions
Joan Gujarati, Ed.D.

Social-Emotional Development
Using the Teaching Pyramid as an Instructional Guide for the Development of Social-Competence
Micheline Malow, Ph.D.

Counseling/School Psychology
Bullying Prevention and Positive Behavior Support

Michael David Benhar, Ph.D.



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