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26th Annual World Congress on Learning Disabilities

September 7-8, 2018

Chania, Crete, Greece

The Turbulent Times: Confronting Challenges in Emergent Adulthood New, Creative, and Innovative Ideas

Keynote Speakers

Day 1

Dr. Susana Padeliadu, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Learning Disabilities: A multi-faceted challenge

Day 2

Dr. Kristi L. Santi, University of Houston, Houston, TX USA. Valuing the Workforce of Tomorrow

Day 1 Presentations

  • Neuropsychological Profile and Academic Performance of a group of Argentinean Children with Dyslexia with and without ADHD. By María Cecilia Agost Carreño, María Paulina Carullo, Silvia Intruvini.

  • Adaptive behavior and developmental level in preschool school children referred for possible Autism Spectrum Disorder. By María Paulina Carullo, Flavia Dorrego, Nicolás Cataldo, Silvia Intruvini. FLENI, Raúl Carrea Instituto de Investigaciones Neurológicas, Argentina.

  • Learning Disabilities Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina: A model of neurocognitive and interdisciplinary one-day evaluation. By Paula Uhrig, M., Paulina Carullo, M. Cecilia Agost Carreño, Silvia Intruvini. FLENI, Raúl Carrea Instituto de Investigaciones Neurológicas, Argentina.

  • Listening to the Voices of Students with Disabilities. By Ellen Duchaine, Ph.D. Texas State University

  • Prosperity and mental empowerment within the school: The Bounce Back program. By Christina Petrelli, University of Nicosia

  • Narrative skills in Greek Preschoolers at-risk for Learning Disabilities. By Krystallenia Fiorentzi, University of Crete, Rethymno

Day 2 Presentations

  • Preparing Individuals with Disabilities for Personal Dependability after Graduation. By Ellen Duchaine, Ph.D. Texas State University.

  • The Effects of a Classwide Multicomponent Motivational Intervention on the Writing Performance of Academically Challenged Elementary School Students. Matthias Grünke, Ph.D. and Jürgen Wilbert, Ph.D., University of Cologne.

  • Teachers’ viewpoints on criteria for evaluating stories written by fifth graders. By Matthias Grünke, Ph.D. and Carsen Klöpfer, Ph.D., University of Cologne.

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