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The Playground

Anthony Cunis, 12

The playground is my favorite place
to swing and jump and play.
I wish that I could take my friend
and stay there for the day.

I usually like to fly my kite
or play tag with my friends,
or climb a tree, or play baseball,
the joy just never ends.

Sometimes I sit and just daydream
underneath a tree.
I think about when I get older,
what I'd like to be.

I imagine I can be
a pilot, in a plane,
and fly my jet around the world
or take a trip to Spain.

Then someday when I'm a man,
I'll go back with my kids.
I'll teach them how to play and dream,
Just like their daddy did.

This poem is reprinted from one of a set of note cards selected from the Art Expressions 2000 Exhibition celebrating the creativity of children with learning disabilities.

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