What to Consider When Seeking Help and Resources PDF Print E-mail

Margy Davidson, M.A.

Important information you need to know before you choose a professional or other resource to help you and your child.

What You Should Know

Individuals with learning disabilities are bright and can achieve success in life provided they work with the appropriate professionals and resources that will meet their needs for academic, work, and social success. The LDW® LD Yellow Pages will help you find the appropriate professionals and resources.

Basic Information to Get You Started

If you suspect a learning problem, get an evaluation. If it is for your child, start with your child's school. If it is for you, you will need to see a professional who is trained to diagnose learning disabilities. Here are some FAQs about evaluations and some questions you should ask when selecting a professional to do the evaluation.

Once you have the diagnosis, the evaluator should make suggestions in his or her report for appropriate treatment and interventions. These recommendations determine the types of professionals and resources that you will need.

Use the following guidelines to help you find the professionals and resources you need. Keep in mind that you should always ask about credentials and determine whether the professional's license is up to date by asking the state licensing board for that profession.

Margy Davidson, M.A. is a parent of two children.